Now that Hoylman has won the State Senate race, the hard part begins. What will his initiative do about the critical issues facing SoHo? Will affordable housing be preserved? WIll the abusive and retaliative landlord attacks on rent-stabilization and rent-control (with the assistance of the courts), be investigated and prosecuted? Will the remaining guerilla art, such as the Bob Bolles sculptures in “Sunflower Park”—which should be renamed “Bob Bolles Park”—be returned from Randall’s Island preserved?

Will a coherent system of Traffic Enforcement agents protect SoHo’s residents from trucks and passenger cars racing into the Holland Tunnel where residents have been killed and baby carriages threatened? As previous Chair of Community Board #2, Harvard graduate, and a parent, will he focus on the need for schools, public safety and preservation of public art in SoHo?

As Gordon Gekko said to Bud on his cell phone in Wall Street, “Go to work!”

Let’s see if Hoylman will “pick up the phone” and be responsive to activists and community leaders. We wish him well, and hope he delivers for SoHo.

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