Mayor's Office of Film to SoHo--Drop Dead!


We can litter your sidewalks and take away your parking. Even run over your dog -- every day of the week!


Call us at 212-489-6710.

They arrive the day before the photo filming and take all of the parking spots.

If you're walking the dog, be careful, fido might be run over.
It's the constant use of SoHo for photo shoots, films, T.V. series locations, even
a recent spot for pop-up shops now that the retail storefront economy is heading
into the toilet permanently.
Make no mistake, it doesn't matter who the Mayor is. The mantra from Guiliani
to Bloomberg was always, "The City needs the money."
Yeah, well, SoHo needs a break. Film somewhere else. Remember, it was
extremely important according to the City Council AND the Mayor to allow a huge building. It was "Good for SoHo" to have Trump SoHo.
Aren't you glad that our politicians are looking out for us?


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